Security analysis of the year 2012

The safety analyzes of 2012, many small and large faaliteler hacking group is available. First of these is the catchy code F0RTYS3V3N his mind to hacker attack, YouTuber, hotmail, etc. mns. many famous site was attacked by changing the DNS domain names with the extension.

Besides this, in the year of 2012 that we know as the most active groups with stable attack from a group of nationalist group wrote down the name by 2012. cyber-hacking groups in the quietness of the oldest preserved this year. Many cases of this group have not heard the name of the attack.

On the other hand NetDevilz the oldest group disbanded completely. Seems to have won the instead.

Sürdüremedi other hacking groups, say the long-lasting life of a publication. aimed at maintaining long-lasting life group ministries in 2012, is known for its attacks.